Italian F.4 Championship

domenica 8 maggio 2022

Race 2, Win and lead for Alexander Dunne

With him on the podium his US Racing teammate Kacper Sztuka and the Rookie driver James Wharton Prema Racing

Race 2 in Imola under the sun, with 22° on track, starts the second day of the Italian F.4 Championship in the heart of the Motor Valley. First victory for Alexander Dunne, Irish driver of US Racing who conquers the provisional leadership of the rankinkgs with the P2 yesterday in race 1.

With him on the podium his teammate Kacper Sztuka, who yesterday had not started the season in the best way. The two, today, start the attack from the third row and do not stop until they conquer the most advanced positions.

Third, and first among, the Rookies is James Wharton, Prema Racing, who is also had a great race climbing to the top positions, starting even further back on the grid.

At the start Frederik Lund is  in pole position, with the car that the French team R-ace GP has brought back to the track today completely rebuilt after race 1, but he is immediately passed by Ivan Domingues, Iron Lynx. Also Sztuka is immediately fast and able to slip behind Domingues already in the early stages of the session.

Maya Weug follows, starting from the second row of the grid, but after a short time is immediately passed on the outside by Pedro Clerot, AKM Motorsport.

Dunne then starts his assault, gaining P2, while Maya Weug remains firm in P5. Some troubles in the early stages of the race for 2 of the Prema Racing drivers who have enter the pitlane in order to fix the front wing, Conrad Laursen and Andrea Kimi Antonelli are the ones who unfortunately compromise the race irreparably. Particularly unlucky the situation for Antonelli, who loses the opportunity to get points in a race he was already racing very well. The fastest lap has, infact, the signature of the Bolognese driver with 1’45.739 marked on lap 10.

Domingues resists Wharton’s assaults, then slips and is passed, his teammate, Maya Weug, gets in his wake and overtakes shortly after. 

The only interruption of the race arrives with the accident between Flack and Badoer that makes it necessary for the safety car to enter the track. The restart of the race is at the last lap, with a fierce assault by Marcus Amand, US Racing, who engages and briefly passes Wharton. The Australian driver however is good at resisting and keeps p3. In a beautiful fight behind them also Stenshorne takes position on Weug.

The final order of arrival is Dunne first, followed by Sztuka and Wharton. Then Amand in P4, Stenshorne (Rookie P2), Weug and Domingues who closes P7 and third on Rookie podium. In eighth position, after an exceptional comeback with the start from the bottom of the grid, Rafael Camara, Prema Racing. The winner of race 1, today climbs positions on positions and closes in points, limiting the damage caused by the problems in the second qualifying session. To complete the top 10 two PHM Racing drivers, Nikita Bedrin and Taylor Barnard.

Race 3 today, start at 17.30, will conclude the first round of the Italian F.4 Championship certified by FIA. The race will be broadcast live on ACI Sport TV and on the facebook and youtube pages of the Championship starting from the interviews on the grid, at 17.25.

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